How does Heinz College’s QSSP Summer Program Work?

The QSSP program is designed to get Heinz graduate students caught up mathematically for the upcoming rigorous curriculum. There are two classes that a student will take; Basic Mathematics for Managers and Basic Probability. Both courses run for an hour and 20 minutes Monday through Friday. The breakdown of the classes is a length of four weeks total with homework due on Wednesday and Thursday. Additionally, there are quizzes on the first and third week on Thursday and Friday. On the second and fourth week, there is a midterm on Thursday and Friday and a final exam on Thursday and Friday. The proctors of the quizzes, midterm, and final allow students to bring one cheat sheet to aid them with specific formulas.

The four weeks consist of learning new material while completing homework weekly before the quizzes are due for each class. The classes are divided up into two sections. The first section, Section A, has a probability class first with homework due on Wednesday. Additionally, the second class is basic mathematics for managers with homework due on Thursday. Alternatively, the inverse is true about Section B. Both sections run opposite of each other so that the students are not overwhelmed with homework and quizzes/tests on the same days.

There are one Teach Assistant (TA) days for each class. Recitation days, the day before a quiz or test, are designed so that students with questions can have them answered from a TA who mastered the material. Additionally, TA sessions are available after each class for three hours at a time. Lastly, the professors have open office hours, an hour after courses have concluded, to help students who need clarification regarding concepts, steps, or processes. The QSSP program has excellent opportunities to allow students to practice the skills they learned from each class.

The QSSP program is a great way to meet incoming students at Heinz College. Additionally, the QSSP program is a great avenue to begin a groove into the graduate course lifestyle. The course load is a rigorous 30 to 40 hours a week. I usually take the full amount, if not longer, to adequately prepare for the course quizzes, midterm, or final. I can spend anywhere from 8 to 12 hours on the math and probability courses. Therefore, Heinz College highly recommends that you do not have a full-time job. This is a significant advantage of starting earlier than other students. The power is that you can periodize your time effectively to meet the demand of the program. Lastly, you can begin to bond with classmates that you will be working closely with during your two-year program at Heinz College.

If you are thinking about applying to Heinz College and don’t feel that your math skills are up to par or a disadvantage to your application, do not worry. Apply to the program that you see most fitting to your interests and hope you get into the program. Not applying will guarantee that you will not have a chance in participating at a top tier college. The QSSP program is designed to propel you to a graduate-level math expectation within four weeks. Therefore, your application for Heinz College will have to demonstrate your ability to prioritize your time, work hard, and apply new concepts you learn.

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