How to Write a Great Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose is a great way to demonstrate your unique characteristics to individuals in the form of a literary format. The statement of purpose will be judged by the admittance comity in threefold; presentation, intellectual ability, and reasoning. A primary concern you might be feeling is that you do not know precisely how to incorporate all three into your statement of purpose. Therefore, I will aid you on your quest to making a statement of purpose that you will be satisfied with to submit to the desired school.

  1. Presentation

The presentation, or appearance, in your statement of purpose, is a crucial element to keep in mind when writing your document. After you have made a draft or two of the general theme you want to communicate, you will need to break down each paragraph and sentence. First, start with the paragraphs. Paragraphs shouldn’t be too lengthy or too short across the entire statement. However, introducing length variety within paragraphs is a great way to keep readers attention. For example, see below for the paragraph arrangement I chose for my statement of purpose.

Note: I hid the names of the company I interned and the individual I referenced in this statement of purpose as I did not get their permission to publicly show this document.

The preceding paragraph to the first paragraph shown above was much short than the following two sections. Having variation in your paragraph structure can keep the reader’s attention more fully to which you can condense your various reasonings into one paragraph. Additionally, do not fill space with empty meaning or fluff material to meet the statement of purpose recommended word count; more is not always better. My statement of purpose was around 970 words, whereas, the cutoff was at 1,000 words. Adding unnecessary words or phrases to a statement of purpose is very noticeable to highly skilled readers and should be avoided. Fill your statement of purpose will truthful and meaningful material to which the reader would respond positively. I would avoid any content that is untruthful as the fact remains that your references will aid the comity to snuff out any insecurities within the entire application.

Lastly, I would rigorously rewrite sentences in varying styles, concentrating on paragraph flow, to ensure the paragraphs can both be read in harmony with one another or stand-alone. Paragraphs should be equally strong on their own but even stronger and more cohesive together. I would recommend writing a sentence once then rewriting the sentence three more times, but in different ways, then, compare the flow of the sentences with the rest of the paragraph. Flow and structure are critical pieces to the statement of purpose. Individuals will want to see a document that has been well thought out and designed in such a way that it encapsulates you as a thinking individual.

2. Intellectual Ability

The goal is to show the skills and abilities you learned to the reader in a condensed format. The statement of purpose is the single best way for admittance personnel to gain insight into who you are and if you would be a good fit for the particular program you are seeking. Break out your best grammar and words. But do not overuse highly complicated words in the wrong context or format. Use the words that you are familiar with to the best of your ability. However, do not think you can use words that might not otherwise be in your daily lexicon because you can. Use these words sparingly to not overwhelm the reader with highly complicated words picked from the dictionary. The readers of this document will be experts in the field you are applying for, i.e., they will be able to dissect the validity of your statements.
Additionally, the admittance comity reads the statement of purposes all of the time. Therefore, you will need to use your smarts from school to make your statement of purpose stand out from the rest. For example, reference a very unique experience you had in a leadership role, or reference an influential internship you had. Plus, describe in the best way possible as to why the specific experience was terrific. This way the reader can understand the uniqueness of your character as they file through your application.

3. Reasoning

Your reasoning within your document should coincide with your interest in the program to which you are applying. Recount the most important things that happened to you and relate those critical events to the program curriculum. Your reasoning should encompass all of the document. Reasoning shows the reader you’ve conducted your research about the program and are willing to put in the time to craft a fantastic material for them to read.
Your reasoning should also be persuasive in a way through experiential learning that you’ve done during your undergraduate degree or working experience. For example, mention internships, projects, volunteering, clubs, or leadership opportunities. If you have many of these criteria at your disposal, then I would suggest picking the top two or three that best fit your character and craft the document around that. On the flip side, if you do not have many criteria mentioned above at your disposal, you have some work to do.
Make a list of the most critical opportunity and fulfill it while learning as much as you can during the time. Having the knowledge and skillset hand in hand will make you a better candidate for the program. You will need to dissect the opportunity, given that you only have one, into its essential parts revealing the critical elements. Moving forward, you should have a well planned out sentence and paragraph flow from one argument to the other. Making the paragraphs work with each other instead of against will help you much more.

Concluding Remarks

I hope this helps you out during your application process to the school you desire most. Please feel free to comment or reach out to me with additional questions regarding the application process or writing the statement of purpose. If you want to learn more about the graduate application process visit my other blog post outlining all the things you should do to get into Carnegie Mellon University: Heinz College There were two programs I used to write and perfect my statement of purpose; Slick Write and Grammarly. Slick Write does sentence structure, grammar, sentence flow and readability. Use this one to identify the general flow of the whole document. Lastly, Grammarly is a great tool to use for general grammar and word choice. Links down below!

Slick Write:!home


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