What’s the First Week of Classes like at Heinz College

I am a student of the Information Systems and Management department under the Masters of Information Security Policy and Management degree. I didn’t have many analytical classes, statistics or calculus, in undergrad, the first week of the lecture was a mix of emotions that ranged from excitement to utterly terrifying but in the best way possible. It is scary because there is a tremendous amount of reputation tact onto the school that I did not want even to dare think about screwing something up. Additionally, I built up a fantasy that the courses would start dishing out material as soon as they started on the first day. Luckily for me, this was not the case. The other emotion was overwhelming excitement. I kept thinking to myself as I was going to class all the ways that I could learn new ways of seeing complex problems in the realm of cybersecurity. Also, I thought that each class was going to be so engaging that I wouldn’t dare to blink in the case that I could miss something. However, I soon found out that these assumptions, although completely warranted to the esteem and admiration I had for the college, wildly misconstrued the essential philosophy of the college.

The introductions for each course were unique and light-hearted. The professors introduced the main objectives of the course, assignments, and important dates such as; midterm, final, and tasks. Some professors even stressed that the feelings of excitement and trepidation were totally normal and to take a breath. The middle of the week, many of my classes started to introduce the various subjects they would teach. The professors spoke of essential lessons during each lecture and stressed the importance of each subject. The professors designed the classes to be both rigorous in nature but not hard enough that you will fail, so it seems. However, classwork and attending the lecture is not everything Heinz College has to offer.

Beyond the usual course schedule, Heinz College gives you many opportunities to explore different avenues to learn and meet new people. For example, Heinz College held a club fair event that showcased the student-led clubs in the main building. The clubs offer first students to meet second-year students to learn about the curriculum and different classes to consider in the future. Plus, it gives the first-year students a chance to determine which courses to potentially avoid due to difficulty or lack of applicability in the internship search. Not to mention, Heinz College offers many opportunities to meet potential employers through internship fairs, the company held events, or meet and greet events all throughout the year.

     The first week of classes, I got many emails about the various events happening on campus and Heinz College-specific events. I am estimating I received 40 to 50 emails within the first week with things to do or events to look out for soon. Heinz College is a great place to expand your knowledge base and your networking base. If you are considering Heinz College as a potential graduate school, then you will have no difficulty finding friends, internships, club involvement, and an excellent curriculum. Lastly, do not feel that you are not capable of getting into Heinz College based on just numbers, GRE score, or GPA. Many people with various scores get into Heinz College all the time. Check out the Heinz College website here to see if you have interests in any of their many degrees. Apply to the school with your best foot forward! Good luck!

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