Why Choose Carnegie Mellon University: Heinz College

             Heinz College integrates many of the cutting-edge methodologies, computing, and analytic techniques, and professional skills that will make you most desirable to employers. Heinz College understands that a primary factor to apply to a program is for the recognition of the Carnegie Mellon University name. This is partly true because the name recognition opens the doors needed to pursue your ideal job. However, this fact is not the only reason that you should apply to the program. You also need to love the program you are applying to. Key Point: You will end up hating the very thing you’re studying if you are not willing to be stretched thin. The curriculum is very demanding in terms of workload. Therefore, you should underestimate the prowess of Heinz College’s ability to develop your character. Heinz College prides itself on developing individuals in becoming leaders in industry; information security, business analytics, healthcare, data science, or art management.

Check out the link above to find all the programs offered by Heinz College.

Heinz College will give you the tools to succeed in complex areas in life as well as allowing you to develop the essential tools of their teaching further. Do not be discouraged, I was at one point, from applying or at minimum researching the potential of what you could be. Heinz College is a graduate-only student body, meaning that Heinz College has no undergraduate student attending classes. Additionally, all the spaces in Heinz College are for graduate student only. Thus, you can meet people, study together, or just enjoy the atmosphere. Lastly, many fortune 500 companies, governmental organizations, and private organizations highly respect Heinz College, which is very good for students. Many of these organizations seek employment from Heinz College for internships and jobs. If you are interested in applying to Heinz College, check out my other blog posts about developing a great statement of purpose, starting the application process, and the first week at Heinz College.

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