Heinz College Course Breakdown

Heinz College offers an abundance of courses ranging from many cutting-edge topics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, programming, analytics, management, and information security. Many of which provide a real-world application to assist with comprehension and knowledge of the material. There are so many courses that Heinz College offers that I would be silly to list it here. Check out the schedule of classes to find out more! Note: Click “Heinz College Wide courses” to see only Heinz College offered courses! Most programs allow students to develop their own semester schedule to fit their liking.

I say most because the MSISPM program, I am currently taking, does not allow you to change anything during the first semester. There is an exception, however, as a student, you can add one mini-course on the second half of the first semester. For example, my first semester I had Organization Design and Implementation, Network Defenses, Intro to Information Security Management, Professional Speaking, Stat for IT managers, Economic Analysis, and Intro to Programming with Python. Each semester a graduate student should be taking around 30 to 54 for units a week. Which translates to 30 to 54 hours a week of course work which involves both in-class and outside of class course work.

Subsequent semesters, you have free reign as to which courses you take as long as you meet the core requirement for your individual program. Therefore, you can choose from a variety of classes that appear appealing if it meets the program requirements to graduate on time.

Additionally, students can take classes outside of Heinz College.
Watch out! Some courses outside of the Heinz College may be reserved for the department, and you may not get in based on that restriction. For example, I could take a course from the Computer Science department, Information Networking Institute, or the Tepper School of Business. Each department has some classes that have the before mentioned restrictions so be mindful of the possibility that you may not have the chance to take the course.

Look up Carnegie Mellon’s schedule of classes or reference the program curriculum on the degree in which you’re interested to see the particular course and description. Create a rough plan of classes you want to take then dwindle it down to the essentials so that you don’t stress yourself out too much but also meet program requirements.

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