Cybersecurity Certifications: In-Short


There is a debate as to whether cybersecurity certifications are worth the time of the individual. Both sides of the argument bring forth it’s own particular reasoning.

However, I take a middle-ground approach to certification acquisition as a supplementary role on your resume.

Certifications demonstrate your ability to understand and apply cybersecurity concepts, regulations, and operational skills demand in a business environment. 

Less is More:

As referenced above, certifications are a supplement to the resume diet. Thus, be particularly choosey when it comes to getting a certification.

Get certifications that aid in landing a job and forget the certifications that may hinder your situation, i.e., a certification that does not relate to the job position. 


Choosing which certification to acquire will solely depend on your current working experience on the topic. The amount of studying required is relative to your confidence in knowing the material on the exam.

It may take you two weeks to study. Or it could take you two months. How much you consider is up to you. Figure out your studying requirements before beginning your journey.

Research Exam Structure: 

Research the topics, questions, costs, and study material on an exam before committing to an exam. Exams, depending on the one you are interested in, range in price amount from $200 to $700 per exam.

If you fail the exam, you are at a loss of the amount of the exam and receive no certification. Therefore, it is wise to research the exam in its entirety before making the leap. 

Finding Study Material: 

There is a plethora of study material available online. The route you decide to choose will depend on your willingness to spend money on study material or find free content.

In either case, paid or free stuff is not enough to pass hard exams; find more than one material source. Research the material on Google, YouTube, or on the certification site itself. 

Good Study Habits: 

Practice good study habits before the exam. Get to sleep at a regular time, eat a healthy breakfast, and do not burn yourself out on studying.

Flashcards or practice exams are helpful ways to aid memorization. Show up early to the exam to study or prepare before you begin. Good luck!

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