Exciting News!

Black Hat Europe 2019

I have the honor of attending Black Hat Europe 2019! For those unfamiliar with Black Hat, it is an information security conference where researchers can present their work. This is my first time leaving the country. Technically that is not entirely true. I left the country once before to visit Canada with my family when I was around 8. I don’t remember it all that much. Plus, it was before crossing to the border to Canada required a passport.

First Trip Outside North America

However, the trip will consist of 5 days where 2 of the days are in the conference. The conference is a way for me to learn new things that involve information security practices. Additionally, I am representing Heinz College so that companies, individuals, and organizations can become acquainted with Carnegie Mellon University. I plan to report what panels I attend and the information provided at the conference. Also, I will share my experience at the conference some time during December

Super Excited

I am really excited about this opportunity! I have never visited London. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the conference is in London. The conference provided a student scholarship opportunity, of which I won as a result of my submission of statements, criteria, and recommendations. The scholarship pays for the academic pass around USD $1,000.

Thanks for reading! Check back in December for an update as to how the conference went. Leave a comment down below about what you want to hear most from the conference! Happy reading!

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