Life After Heinz College

I have begun to think about life after I graduate from Heinz College next year. Ideally, I would like to live where it is warm all the time where there are opportunities abound. However, this is just a fantasy. I will move with my significant other to where ever they go to graduate school. I want to settle down and begin paying off my student debt, which is very large at the moment. Carnegie Mellon’s education comes at a cost. But, the experiences and outcomes that come with the high price tag are very much worth every penny. For some six-figure debt that may sound scary, I would agree with that. However, for me, I see this debt as a potential roadblock in which will set me free from large debts by allowing me to understand the value of patience and delayed gratification. I am excited to tackle this debt and begin a life of pure capital gains.
Moving forward, I want to develop with my significant other to bond us closer together while we are paying for our educational experiences. This bonding will hopefully develop into a relationship that lasts for years. The debt does not scare me, and it shouldn’t you either. If you have debt, make a plan, stick to the budget, and attack the debt with all you’ve got. Knock the debt out as quick as you can and begin your debt free life like I plan to do after Heinz College.

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