Lessons Learned from Heinz College

I have learned a lot about both my academic interests and personal growth during my participation at Heinz College. Heinz College will push you to develop high-quality work and methods of thought that are representative of yourself and the culmination of other methodologies. For example, when I have a paper to write, I will pick a topic relevant to my professional and academic interests, such as cloud computing and cybersecurity. Therefore, I can develop my interests while implementing new methods of critical thinking.

Heinz College further develops your ability to think about challenging and complex ideas, situations, and methods to provide in-depth analysis and solutions to significant problems. Additionally, I have learned to understand more topics that I struggled to comprehend. Heinz College will push you outside of your comfort zone, which has many great qualities and many bad qualities. For example, it can be very stressful to quickly understand and apply new concepts proficiently and correctly to obtain a good grade for the class. However, the good qualities of those situations are that it requires your complete attention and ability to understand information rapidly, which are excellent skills to develop for job roles.

In short, I have learned new skills during my time at Heinz College, such as rapid information absorption, applying new concepts to complex problems, and develop interests outside of my comfort zone. Heinz College has proven to be a great resource to build a better version of myself through various facets of learning.

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