Online Courses

Heinz College has moved to an online format recently given the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Students, faculty, and staff have been adjusting to this new change. Some benefits and drawbacks come with the style of format. However, I want to talk about the qualities that I like most about online instruction.

I am a classic introvert. I do not like to go to parties, be in big crowds, or social gatherings. Online instruction is a perfect setup for me as I can perform all school functions within the comfort of my home. Plus, I still get to learn high-quality content within Heinz, given that professors conduct their classes through Zoom. Therefore, I can save much more time from walking around from home to class, class to a store, store to home, etc.

I have had much greater success within the framework of online instruction that I do not have within an in-person instruction. Additionally, I can get all the required work done sooner than in previous semesters. Therefore, I am learning that I am more than capable of having a job that is solely a remote environment in my future career. Now that school is almost over, I can do my internship while having my gaming computer and Xbox close by to switch on when finished with work quickly.

Its a video gamers paradise 🙂

Stay healthy and safe! Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Online Courses

  1. Mauro MS says:

    Hi, I was on a keyboard course with face-to-face classes, and I entered knowing only the seven musical notes, and making do with the melody, but with difficulties in harmony.
    With the Covid-19 problem, I started taking classes online, which in principle I thought would not work, via Skype, and it worked, it worked very well, and thinking about at least with individual classes, only between the teacher and me , continue that way, after going through all this, which I hope will be soon.

    Oi, estava num curso de teclado com aulas presenciais, e entrei sabendo apenas as sete notas musicais, e me virando com a melodia, mas com dificuldades na harmonia.
    Com o problema da Covid-19, passei a ter aulas online, que em princípio achava que não ia dar certo, pelo Skype, e deu, deu muito certo, e pensando em pelo menos com as aulas individuais, somente entre o professor e eu, continuar dessa forma, após passar tudo isso, que espero seja logo.

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    1. Logan says:

      That is awesome! Online classes are not ideal but at least we can both gain great knowledge from our current medium of schooling. Great job on taking classes during this unusual time!


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