Summer Plans

My plans for this summer are going to be more productive than ever. From participating in an internship to taking a course at Heinz College, I will be very busy with work, a summer course, and writing blogs. I am very excited to fully embrace the process and learn as much as I can from all three. I aim to write a blog post every day or at least every other day. My blog posts will not be very long, no more than two to three paragraphs in length. I want to review a gaming headset that I bought a few weeks ago to test drive that idea.

However, the main concern is that the post will most likely be lengthier than usual posts. But, my initial thought is to have two posts, one that is short and to the point and one that is more in-depth. I am not set on this idea. I will determine with certainty the direction in which I want to take this review post later.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and healthy!

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