Finals Week

Finals week for Carnegie Mellon is coming up next week, and it is one of the more stressful times throughout the semester. On top of finals, I have three group projects due within the same week. Also, I have assignments for classes due this weekend as well. It has been non-stop working with little relaxing sessions here and there. Without those relax sessions, I would be burnt out from all this.

My main goal for finals week is to work hard but not so hard that I burn myself out for other finals. I plan to begin finals studying and project assignments early in the day and have a relaxing session of about two hours mid-day then start back up in the evening. This way, I will get all the required work done and still have time to enjoy my hobbies in between work sessions. This method has worked for me this semester as it is a good balance between work and play.

Thanks for stopping by for a quick chat. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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