Fall 2020 – COVID

The Fall 2020 semester is about to begin for Carnegie Mellon on August 31st. Each student’s semester will be different than their peers. For example, I have three online-only courses and three hybrid courses. The hybrid classes are a mix of online students and students that are physically in the classroom. I chose not to attend classes. I have the unpopular opinion of not wanting to be around people. Not in any bad way, though. I am a classic introvert that doesn’t like to be around a lot of people in general. Therefore, I plan on staying in my place for the most, if not all, of the semester.

School from home methodology works excellent for me. I love having the opportunity to feel more relaxed within the solitary of my own home. Furthermore, I love the general ease of going from one thing to the other without the hassle of running around to each room, rushing to grab a snack between classes, or planning out my day to maximize my time. School from home, for me, is a great benefit to have.

There are some drawbacks, however. I won’t be able to easily make a good one or two friend relationships with some of the students at Carnegie Mellon. I do value having at least one good friend from the area of work, school, or community that I am within. Also, there is the aspect of walking to class. The sedentary lifestyle is not very good for many health reasons. I would have to walk around 15 to 20 minutes each day to and from school. This would allow me to move my body some and soak up the sun. However, now I will have to walk around my block a few times to get the same effect.

Overall I am willing to take the drawbacks of remote learning than to have to be stressed about running around and making sure I have all my materials for studying. I am a big fan of remote learning and work from home style methodologies and will most likely seek those options out in the future. I hope you are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. There will be more to come regarding the Fall 2020 schooling topic.

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