Starting a New Hobby

I recently started a new hobby during the downtime I had during COVID-19. My new hobby is building and selling computers in my local area. I like the creative aspect of building a computer for either a workstation, browsing, or gaming. There are many hardware options to choose from, so finding the parts for the right price is fun. Also, creating something that I find value in is very rewarding for me. My favorite part of the building process has a color theme to make the computer look very cool. For example, my computer build has four red LED fans with a red and black motherboard plus red RAM sticks and an all-black graphics card to wrap it together. To add some excitement to the build, I also added two led strips to light up the case to see all the components. I love the look of this case and the build.

I started to build new computers from used parts and hopefully going to resell them for a small profit. This little hobby is a creative outlet for me to enjoy technology and understand how computers are integrated into each other. Additionally, I can build computers that perform great as gaming machines but also look awesome at the same time. For now, this hobby will continue as a general practice for me to stay in touch with technology directly. Until I move or no longer have the time to build computers, I will be building computers for fun.

Hobbies are vital to have in your life. Finding a hobby you enjoy is critical to keep yourself sane and to have fun during all moments in your life. Hobbies are also a great way to create a new adventure for yourself no matter what the hobby is. If you enjoy technology and building things, then computers could be the way to go. Give it a try on a small scale and work up from there.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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