Morning Coffee – Update

My mornings usually begin with making coffee with my keurig that has a coffee ground pod, where I put freshly ground coffee from local coffee exchanges. The morning has gotten colder since the transition to winter. The coffee provides a warm cozy wake up. I move over to my home office/entertainment/gaming center where I log into my computer to get the latest ideas of what needs to be done for the day. Then, I was like “I HAVEN’T POSTED IN FOREVER!”. I raced to log in to WordPress to start writing. So here it is….

I have continued with graduate school at Carnegie Mellon. However, the most recent development was the introduction of a new job at a large technology firm. that specializes in storage. I wanted to get more experience and make some money to pay off loans faster. The experience has been great and I definitely like working there. Finals are coming up here soon and everything has been getting very stressful. For the most part, there has been little to update on unfortunately. I will post a another update next spring semester when I begin to make bigger decision like where I am going to live and work when I graduate.

Thanks for reading my short update! Stay safe out there!

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