Remote Instruction

Throughout this semester at Carnegie Mellon, classes are facing the blunders of technological errors during certain classes. This does not diminish the content delivery for each course. However, this does cause elements of lag and troubleshooting during the class. This does not happen very often. But, when it does, it can take some time to get back to the course content. Remote instruction allows students to become closer through chat features via Zoom chat. Students in my privacy courses bring up very great points throughout the course, which helps solidify the course content. The professors are also very liberal in their acceptance of open communication/discussion within Zoom’s chat function. Teachers, so far, encourage discussion during class as the delivery is ongoing to allow for more interactive content.

Professors are liberal in their understanding of student’s lives and respective time zone. For example, some students are not in the United States and are elsewhere in the world. This can create compelling circumstances because it can be in the middle of the night for those students. Therefore, they are not on the same playing field as those in the same time zone or close to the same time zone. The differing time zone can make it harder for students to fully get the experience of study during a remote instruction format. Therefore, some of these students are moving to the United States. However, some students do not have the option and will continue to study within a different time zone. Overall, students are mostly in the same time zone.

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